My name is Jen Hughes. Client Experience Specialist + Chief Workflow Building Officer. 

I take a relational approach to creating exceptional client experiences. 

Within this relationship-led philosophy, I help passion-fueled coaches and consultants step out of the overwhelm of constantly managing the nitty gritty and into their sweet spot by creating client experiences that feel...

• Warm and inviting from the get-go
• Streamlined and efficient with intuitive next steps during each phase of the client journey
• Elevated and custom -- no cookie cutter customer experiences here

Because you deserve to live in your sweet spot, NOT spending your days chasing down clients to schedule their next call or pay that overdue invoice. 

Well friend, warm up those snapping fingers because you’re in the right place. 

Ever wish you could snap your fingers and have a client experience that is streamlined and automated, yet custom and high-touch? 

Let's work together

Like yours, my business journey has been anything but straight. 

I was born to be an entrepreneur and thought of myself as one from the day my Mom dubbed me as such at the age of 8 when I began peddling handmade bookmarks and Hershey’s Kisses at 25 cents a pop out of my pink-carpeted bedroom. 

During my corporate days, I always had a side hustle, dabbling in real estate, home staging, direct sales, and even dreaming up and starting no less than five Etsy shops. 

But none of these felt like the perfect fit. 

where did this passion for CLIENT EXPERIENCE come from?

But Jen...

Then one day I had a lightbulb moment

What I truly loved about each of my businesses was getting my hands dirty behind the scenes, designing the processes that ensured that my business was running like a well-oiled machine, ensuring that I was delivering the absolute best service possible to my clients.

I dived head-first into the world of online business management and began to see what was really going on behind-the-scenes in my clients’ businesses. 

Full disclosure--it definitely wasn’t the pretty #BTS we all see on IG. 

I saw first-hand how successful business owners who looked completely placid and put together from the outside were utterly overwhelmed under the surface, trying to juggle all the moving pieces in their client management process. 

I saw things like:

• Clunky & manual client onboarding
• Unclear expectations & communications with no clear ‘next steps’ 
• Non-existing processes for requesting testimonials 
• Workflow gaps where balls were being dropped left & right

This scattered way of running their businesses created nothing but anxiety and overwhelm for my clients, who, at the end of the day, just wanted to do what they got into business to do--create and make an impact. 

When I pulled back the curtain in my clients’ businesses, I saw that they were

Drowning in their client management

let's work together

I developed The Hughes Method as a means to bridge the gap between my clients’ extraordinary visions of how they wanted to show up in the world and the execution of serving their clients at the highest level possible. 

Today, I feel ALL the feels when I think about how blessed I am to spend my days designing elevated client experiences that bring white space into my clients’ lives and referrals into their inboxes. 

This experience led me to one conclusion: 

Even better than that?

It was time to bridge the gap between vision and execution. 

Our clients tell me time and time again that the changes we make within their client experience translate to so much more than just extra time on their calendar and additional dollars in the bank. 

Our clients no longer fear that their business will come to a screeching halt the moment they step away.

And that unchained feeling is worth its weight in gold. 

This ripple effect of good is what we, here at The Hughes Method, live for. 

Client Experience

our relational approach to

We don’t do cold and impersonal around here. Our relational approach to Client Experience helps busy service-based entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants like YOU to finally step out of that place of overwhelm and into calm consistency so that you can confidently spend your time doing what you love to do.

design my client JOURNEY

What we Value






Consideration for the intrinsic value of all humans 

Faith. Family. Business. (In that order)

Tenacity. We get up more often than we fall, look for an open window when a door closes, and work tirelessly to create ease where there was once overwhelm. 

Be the Bridge. We use our God-given gifts to bridge the gap between vision and execution for our Visionary clients, creating a ripple effect of good.  

Returning the shopping cart after we’ve used it. Being polite to our server. Apologizing when we stick our foot in our mouth. Calling out the good we see in others. 

1) I notice typos in almost every single book I read. I was blessed/cursed with an eye for allll the details. 

2) I'm mildly obsessed with personal growth assessments. My Kolbe-A score is 8-8-2-2, Myers-Briggs is ESTJ, and Enneagram is 1. 

3) I’m still on the hunt for the perfect margarita…rocks, no salt. If you’ve found it, I will travel. 

4) I live to cross items off of my to-do list. I’ve even been known to write items down I’ve already accomplished juuust for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

5) I believe life looks about 92% better after a good ole sweat sesh…my favorite head-clearing workout is a spin on my Peloton!

6) I never set my alarm for a "round" time…I usually put my feet on the ground at 4:32 am.

Get to know me...

LET'S work togetheR


Am I the Client Experience obsessed answer to your 

You bring your incredible vision, that big client-serving heart of yours and those scattered bits and pieces of your existing client journey. 

I’ll come prepped and ready with my ability to create order out of chaos, streamlined processes from disjointed bits and pieces, and dialed-in client workflows that make your clients feel seen, heard, and valued. 

craft my client experience

You ready? Let's do this.