Streamlined Backend Operations 

For impact-driven coaches & consultants


Your ability to scale your business and your impact shouldn’t be limited by a clunky business backend. 

At The Hughes Method, we transform backend business operations
from messy and inefficient to streamlined, well-oiled machines. 

With these foundations in place, our change-making clients are able to move from utter overwhelm to confidence in their ability to meet the growing demand for their services with ease. 

to remove the growing pains from your growing business? 

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As Digital Business Operations Experts, we’ll calm the chaos of all the moving pieces in your business backend, freeing you up to focus on serving your community and growing your business. 

our done-for-you solution

Hi, I’m Jen! (Digital Operations Expert + Lead Chaos Calmer)

I support coaches & consultants who are experiencing rapid growth in their practices by implementing custom-designed, 360 degree backend operations so they can feel confident that their business foundations are solid and will grow with them as they scale their business and their impact. 

Our Done-for-You Operations Rescue takes the burden off of your shoulders as we take complete ownership of your business backend, using our proven process to determine what’s broken and then we FIX IT. Not with a band-aid, but with simple, yet real solutions that won’t break the second your company grows. 

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